Our objectives are the design and implementation of web-based visual interaction tools that sit within the workflow of biologists accessing species-referenced databases. These tools will take data from a wide range of data sources to support biologists to explore, to compare and to clean their data.

1. Visualisation model and techniques

We will identify of an appropriate visualisation model and techniques to display and interact with large biological data sets via the web.

2. Web-based components

We will utilise user-centred design and implementation to create the following web-based components:

a. a scalable web-based visualisation component to interact with a reference taxonomy.

b. a scalable web-based visualisation component to provide summary overviews of the content of the databases.

c. a web-based visual component to allow comparison of a taxonomy to a reference taxonomy and note mappings between these.

d. a web-based visual component to allow exploration of spatio-temporal data.

e. a web-based application that effectively combines and links the visualisation components into the biologists’ workflow.

3. Case Study

A case study with biologists to evaluate the effectiveness of the tool will be undertaken and published.